Thursday, August 30, 2012

WOW! I feel so lucky...

This is now my second week of blogging, I really didn't know what direction or what kind of response I would get by doing this.  I am currently also writing a book about how it is to live with PTSD with family.  I struggled after leaving the army in 2008 after three deployments and outside my family I really was starting to begin to hide away from people and my friends.  Collecting did keep me busy, and now I am really starting to get back to feeling better!  Though nothing will make my illnesses from Iraq disappear, I have found by writing what I know, trading, and helping others in a quest to better their collection is causing me to have a great confidence in myself again.  Even just one week into my blog, my wife's serious accident, many of you left me comments and emails.  You are all people who never met me, or have I met you, but I realize that we are in a community.  Most of us are true collectors around here are blogging our "big" retail hits while some go on Youtube showing off a $1,000 box breaks.

I have some great ideas I am working on in the coming weeks, I want to make it a point to go to blogs want lists and going through my cards and trying to get as much out to help you in your own quests.  I am going to try to get a better trading page for what I have, but as I get my inventory bigger and better you should be able to search for a specific player, card, brand, and number to see if I have a card you are looking for.  Like I said before, I DO NOT sell my cards, because sometimes I think we in our hobby get blinded by money and greed.  If you are reading my blog regularly, most likely you are just like me, you are on a budget.  I would rather trade you a card that you would want for a card that I would want then take any money away from your family.  That is just the way I feel.

If you trade with me, please be honest!  I have 300,000 cards so always expect a extra or two as just a surprise.  (because we all love surprises!)  I just ask to return the surprise factor back to me!

Many asked what I collect, I don't collect sets, so I have thousands and thousands of cards that many of you are looking for, and again I will do my best in always looking out for you all, my new collecting group from all around the country (and even Canada!).

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!



  1. Just discovered your blog. Good luck and have fun!

  2. jason - thanks for your service and for starting what looks like a great blog! looking forward to maybe working out a trade sometime.

  3. Thanks! I haven't traded for years so I look forward to getting some done with you all!


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