Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WORST Card Set Ever Made! - Volume 1 : 2001 Royal Rookies

 I was going to write about something else tonight, but I was going through a box of random cards and came across a set so bad, I wouldn't even let my dog chew them! 2001 Royal Rookies, I don't even know where to start on trying to describe this card set.  There is one plus, there are autographs in this set, 98% of them you have never heard of.  Before I go on, judge a sample for yourself.

It looks like some college kid with a new high speed 33MHz computer running Windows 3.1 made this card.  Nothing says baseball like putting a large watermark of money on the back of a baseball card.  Considering most of all the actual rookie in this set, the amount of money on the back of their baseball card is about the most they made playing.  The real only highlight of the set is an early Miguel Cabrera and autograph. 
Now as tradtion when I make fun of a card or a set I make my own card using the high end product of MS-PAINT!  I made this card within 4 minutes, about the same time it took for the orginal designers to make the card.  (I don't own the man image used, just found on google) ENJOY!
This card above is about how I view this epic fail of a baseball card set.

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