Friday, August 17, 2012

Mickey Mantle Jersey Hit - Retail

I had stopped by a local K-Mart in St. Louis for a few items and before check out I looked at their tiny selections of cards.  The shelve had about 50 loose packs just thrown around, and a few over priced blaster boxes.  As I was going towards checkout I seen all the way on the bottom shelf behind some candy an envelope that stated 75% off.  This made the item $2.50, what the heck, why not give it a try.  I opened the envelope thinking I would get some one like a Jose Lopez Jersey.  To my amazement I pulled this Mickey Mantle Jersey and Card set.  Now I don't classify this as a great hit, but you can't go wrong getting a Mantle for $2.50!

Anyone else ever purchased one of these and scored what you call a super star or hall of fame player?


  1. That's a pretty damn awesome deals. $2.50 for a scrap of Mantle's pants? Not bad.

  2. I had pretty low expectations so this waspretty exciting. I just would rather be in a card not a jumbo. harder to store.


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