Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 Panini Triple Play - My Take!

As a father I am a huge fan of the 99 cent packs for my kids!  If they destroy them by playing rough, oh well!  Heck where do you think most of my 1993 Triple Play cards ended up? I even find myself buying a few packs here and there of Score Football packs for 99 cents or a blaster box of 11 packs for $9.99.  I go to certain blogs that blast the cheaper cards like Score, really what do you expect for 99 cents and 7 cards? My son loves buying those 99 cents packs because when he goes to Target with only three dollars, he can get one pack of 4 cards, or he can get 3 packs of 7 cards.

As a collector, I am not really going to buy these as cards that will hold future value, but I will buy these cards for my kids.  To us older collectors we see these cards as "stupid" or cartoon like, but as a father I would love to buy a box of these for my kids to open up.  I could only imagine how much fun my kids would have sticking eye black all over their faces!
I have a 9 year old son who still doesn't understand how to really take care of his cards yet.  He always asks me if he can get one of my jersey cards for him to have, and I have in the past (twice).  One card was magically lost, and the other one left outside in the rain.  How about kids getting their own jersey card, not a real game used, but just that, a jersey card.  I know any one of my kids would run up and down the halls yelling they have their own jersey card!  This is a GREAT idea because think of it this way kids treat their cards, no game used jersey's would be harmed by my kids!

Lastly, most kids nowadays love Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Ohh, which are all cartoon cards, so why not have cartoon baseball cards.  What us adult collectors need to do is keep this a kid card collection product, and keep it out of the beckett!  Once you start putting some of these cards booking for a good amount of money you are now taking the cards out of the kids hands and into the hands of hobby shop and collectors.

What do you think, should we keep this product out of price guides to ensure that the hobby doesn't destroy this children's product?

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  1. Went to K-Mart and a Wal-Mart today, boxes were empty! So who do you think are buying these packs more us older collectors or the kids like it was intended?


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