Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back To The Future - Vol 2 : Sports Audio Cassettes

I have thousands of old sports books/magazines and I love looking at what was in and out back in those years.  So here is another one of those times where I asked myself "why would we buy this"?  Inside a 1991 Baseball Digest is a full page add for an audio cassette of sporting events for a LOW cost of $13!  I guess in 1991 they mass produced and crammed sports cards everywhere they could, why not audio tapes too!  I am sure glad that a collector in 1991 could order these audio cassettes 24 hours/7 days a week!  (just like being able to order on the internet today!).  Could you see some one sitting in bed at 3 AM, can't sleep, he open's a current Baseball Digest and see this ad and you JUST have to order the 1989 Nolan Ryan 5,000 strike out game.  Then he gets it a few weeks later, pops the cassette in his car and ROCKS out to some old men talking about what they ate for dinner while watching a baseball game.  It is amazing how fast everything has evolved in the past few decades to where we couldn't imagine living like that, yet we did!  But I'm sure glad we have Youtube and MLB.tv now! 

Does anyone have any of these collectable tapes, and if you do, are they anything special?

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  1. I could see the older games, say the Thompson home run, or Jackie's debut or anything from the time when radio was the medium for the game, as being fun to listen to. I love the "When It Was a Game" DVD set because in one they talk about the men behind the mic. Harry Caray has this huge love in Chicago, but he was a farce of a broadcaster by the time he was calling Cubs games. And that was really sad, because if you heard Harry in his prime with the Cards - holy hell that man called a great game.

    So the newest stuff that you saw on TV - boring. But maybe an older game.


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