Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to the Future Edition Volume 1 - 1991 Upper Deck

How about a blast of the past ad from the junk wax era, 1991 Upper Deck.  Upper Deck was one the first card maker in 1990 to add inserts and autographs inside their packs.  This idea caused a boom in the card market to open pack after pack searching for inserts or autographs.  The only issue with that ideal is that in 1991 Upper Deck (estimated amount) printed 1.5 million each of their cards makes the odds of finding a Nolan Ryan Autograph 1:36,000.  According to Beckett (Price Guide Vol 20), the Michael Jordan was a short print card with ONLY 500,000 printed!  Without further a do here is the full page add in the June 1991 Baseball Digest publication.

 Just think about what some of today's odds of an autograph are, 1:10 or 1:36!  Now I pose the question to everyone, would you rather have a product like Upper Deck have one chase autograph of someone like Nolan Ryan with odds of 1:36,000, or odds of 1:36 of getting a career minor league player or an MLB minor star?  I am a collector who loves base cards, and just about any relic or autograph, so I love the lower odds, but I understand there are collectors in it for the cash of the big hits!

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