Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blast From The Past! ME 1991 Donruss 1/1

My father had got me tickets in 1991 to the St. Louis Cardinals home opener.  I remember passing this booth that made ONE personal baseball card for a low price of $25.  The booth was operated by Donruss on opening day, who at the time was trying its best to over populate every aspect of the baseball card market.  For years I displayed this card proudly because at that time we didn't have Photoshop easily available and apps to make a baseball cards from our phones.  1991 was one of the junkiest years of cards, but at least I know I have a true Donruss made baseball card 1 of 1, value PRICELESS!

Does anyone out there have a similar story about a PRICELESS card they may have had made from the junk wax era like mine above?

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