Thursday, August 30, 2012

2 Value Boxes - 2010 Topps: $17

I love nothing more than finding a great deal!  I spent about $17 on two boxes (saved about $13 off original)  Like most all Topps Blaster boxes you are going to get a manufactured patch cards.  There is definitly worth the value for these boxes!  The patch card just made this buy that much better!  Now you must understand that the Topps Game Cards are no longer valid so I don't count them as an insert anymore.  Once Topps games in a series expire is when you will begin to see this boxes go on sale. 

2010 Topps Update Baseball Blaster Box (sale $11.99)

PATCH: Mike Piazza MCP134 1998 All Star Game

I love Piazza, but it was the Colorado Rockies Coors Field All Star Patch!  My favorite team being Colorado just put the icing on the cake on this box.  Collectors have a mixed feel about these patch cards, no they aren't game used, but I really like how Topps in different series and years makes different patches.  One year, All Star, one series it could be throw back logos, another hat patches, it is just not the same old patch used over and over.  I would think it would be pretty cool if Topps did something like 1 of 4 boxes gets a gold numbered patch card.

As the rest of the 2010 Topps Update Baseball I was pretty happy with it, here is the break down:

Box Break Down
12 Rookie Cards
2 Turkey Red Cards
3 Vintage Legend Collection Cards
10 Topps Town Cards
2 All Star Cards
2 Legendary Lineage Cards
2 Tales of the Game Cards
4 Cards Your Mother Threw Out (1 Original Back)
1 Peak Performance Card
1 Topps Gold
1 Patch Card

121 Cards total in the blaster box: 26 Inserts (22% non base set cards)

As a Cardinal fan, I got one card that I wish I would have never been made...why Jim? Why the Reds (and Cubs?)

2010 Topps Football Jumbo Retail Box: (sale $5.99)

I rarely get these for full price, I usually wait to get them on clearance like today.  One good thing about these boxes you usually get 75 cards, and usually about 12 of them are insert cards.  Looking at the odds on the box I don't think these boxes have relic or autograph hits (if someone has, please comment). Below are some of the highlights of this break.

Box Break Down
9 Rookie Cards
1 Bowman Rookie Card
2 Peak Performers Cards
2 Legendary Lineage Cards
2 Vintage Bowman Cards
1 Topps Blue /349 Card
1 Vintage Topps Original Back Card

75 Cards total in box: 9 Inserts (12% inserts in box)


The jumbo boxes like the football above are good if you want to yield a higher amount of base cards and a lower amount of inserts.  Most jumbos do try to advertise by adding a special card.  For example if you buy two jumbo boxes you would get 30 more base cards, but would lack a patch card.  If I had a choice to buy 2 Jumbo Boxes vs. 1 Blaster Box, I would lean Blaster.  

As always, thanks for means a lot!

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