Saturday, August 25, 2012

MasterCARD Theater - Vol 1 : B.J. Armstrong / Alex White

This 1995-96 Fleer Flair B.J. Armstrong #131 has always amazed me, B.J. is in a Bulls uniform, then he was the first player selected for the expansion Tornoto Raptors, then traded to Golden State Warriors.  So on one card you have three different teams mentioned.  So, it made me wonder, do I know of any other cards similar to cards like this.  It almost looks like someone at Fleer was confused at what team B.J. really played for and to ensure he didn't get fired he put all stated all three.  There is a Raptors logo, but he never played a game for the Raptors, he was just traded right after being drafted. 

Next problem is an issue that Topps has had way too much in the recent years, in an effort to always be the first card to put a recent traded player in a Photoshopped uniform and new colors, every year there seems to be issues.  Since I follow the Rockies, this one was a no brainer, 2011 Topps Update Alex White.

When I first seen this card this is what I wanted to think really happened that day at Topps when the Alex White trade went down just before final production...

Topps Editor phones Photoshop Artist about 15 minutes before he leaves for the day on a Friday, just happens to also be his sons birthday: "Hey we go to print in the morning at 6 am, card #US142 got traded to the Rockies we need this done ASAP"

Photoshop Artist slams phone down: "I hate these update sets, deadline this, deadline that...I will show him to wait till the end of the day on a Friday and my son's birthday to change a card!"

After three hours working on trying to make a red jersey into a purple and black jersey, the artist calls it quits for the night and decides he will try to come back at 4 am to finish the back before the 6 am deadline.

A storm rolls through overnight causing the power to go out at the Artists house, he wakes up at 8 am.

Topps Editor calls Artist at noon: "YOU ARE FIRED!"

That is why we have an unfinished 2011 Topps US142 Alex White Card Rockies on front, Indians on back! Hope you enjoyed MasterCARD Theater!!  

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