Monday, August 13, 2012

What I Enjoy May Not Be For Everyone!

First and foremost I have read blogs for nearly a decade and one thing that has been a big pet peeve of mine is people who troll and write negative comments.  I have balked at the idea for many years to simply type what I enjoy in my life but have always been afraid about what the so-called "TRUE EXPERT" collector will think of my lame stories or collection.  For years I have watched 18 year old after 18 year old in their parents basement buy hundreds of dollars of cards and post box breaks on Youtube.  These so-called "collectors" treat all cards that aren't an autographed Derek Jeter Quad Relic Card like they are trash.  Unlike those collectors I get excited when I get any autograph, even if it is a no name minor league pitcher.  The fact is people I take the time and enjoy my collection one card at a time, no matter the year of cards (yes even the junk wax cards).
If you are a fan of box breaks, this is not your blog.  I will simply review a box I purchase, I figure you have better time in your life than to watch a 15 minute video of me opening up a $9.99 Blaster Box from Wal-Mart.  I have been collecting since 1985, I took a break for 5 years while being deployed to Iraq, but now that I am disabled and a stay at home dad, you are stuck with yet another baseball card blog!

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  1. Welcome aboard, I look forward to your posts and opinions!


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