Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 Triple Play Baseball - Collector/Ebay WTF?!

Last week I wrote a blog about how I liked the idea of Triple Play and the collectible prospects for children like my son.  In two weeks in every retail store I have been to every box is empty.  Then I go online to place like Ebay and see this....
I said for this product to succeed with children they need to get it to the children.  So why when I go to Ebay and search 2012 Triple Play I find hundreds of hits like this one for a used glove (NOT A GAME WORN or ANYTHING) starting out at $9.99?  Really? WTF?  I did a little research, I know a manager at a Target in St. Louis and called him to see if they were going to get anymore?  He said the morning it went on the shelves three older men came in a bought all the cards and shoved the empty box behind the blaster boxes.  Again, I have no problems with people making money but really for $9.99 I would rather buy a few autographs or a REAL game used item.  I also seen a seller on Ebay selling 5 packs for $11.99 (before shipping), mind you they are 99 cents at the store. 

I would understand as a collector you wanting to buy a box for your own collection or your kids, but here we have an example of a kids product being held hostage by people trying to make money for buying up all an item making it hard to find.  Look at my last weeks review on price decline of 1999 Upper Deck for an example of a decline.  As I read about many people who buy case after case, they aren't true collectors, they are looking at flipping an item and making money.  Give those glove and jersey cards a year, I bet they will be 99 cents buy it now on Ebay.  I am sorry if anyone who reads this may be offended, but it is just a pet peeve that happens year after year once a product hits the shelf.  (i.e. 2012 Skip Shoemaker Squirrel Card)  I know for the past decade this has always been the trend, a product hits the shelf, people go on Ebay and people can't wait to spend their hard earned money.  I think I have done a pretty good job with being able to find the cheaper items such as items on sale or discount.  Being that my name Joe Average Collector, I preach the WAIT and see approach.  I don't pre-order items, I will wait to buy Series 1 boxes when Series 2 comes out because sometimes pack prices and online prices decrease. I am working on a blog about getting the most out of your dollar, I hope to have it done by the weekend!

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  1. Ridiculous. I'm looking forward to that weekend post!


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