Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 Topps Mini - My First Take

I have mixed feelings all around looking at looking at the sale sheet, and what I read at National Card Convention. (Topps Mini Sales Sheet).  Half of me loves it the other half hates it.  I may have try to buy some packs to really feel out how I feel about the product.  I don't mind one mini card in a pack as an insert in a Topps, Linage, or Allen & Ginter, but how will I feel having a collection of 661 mini cards? Does anyone remember some of the HORRIBLE mini sets of the late 1980s and early 1990s?  (At least this product has autos and relics)
Of course it looks like it is going to be an online only product sold through Topps, or other Topps outlets.  The asking price on is $50 and each box has 1 Autograph or Mini Relic card.  I may or may not shell out $50 for a box, or will I just wait till the players I collect hit COMC or ebay and get exactly what I want for maybe less than the price of a box?  Only time will tell.

2012 Topps Mini Auto Relic Checklist

Has anyone opened any packs yet, and what do you think of them as a new product?

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