Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Score Football - My Take

2012 Score Score Football Review

Retail Blaster Box SRP: $9.99
Pack SRP: $0.99

Again as a father of 4 children who all collect cards with me, they love the 99 cent packs.  Panini is known to have a few good kid friendly, yet extremely collectible products.  Just like their recent release of Triple Play (in which I have yet to find a pack anywhere) I have bought a box of 2012 Score.  Just like every of the past year, there is at least one rookie per pack, and one glossy card.   Usually 1:3 packs I have averaged every box from the past few years, you will get a rookie glossy card, so that makes that pack have 2 rookie cards.  There is also the usual few insert sets to through just enough verity to keep from getting bored (see my 2012 Leaf Draft Review).  The past few years I have been able to pull a few good signature cards, such as a Jason Paul-Piere Rookie Signature. 

My first pack I pulled a Luck Rookie, though in the card I wonder if he is going to run into that yellow pole!  The design is the basic type design they have been using for years, but this years backs are stats and logo...that is it!  Lots of empty space.  As a Joe Average Collector it is a must to buy at least one or two boxes of Score Football at only $9.99, but I'm sure my son would love to open three or four!  (He will have to clean his room for a year for those boxes!)

Overall, it is what it is, a low end, cheap card for young collectors.  We older collectors always bitch about there are not enough of these low end cards, but I read blogs that say these are the worst cards ever.  Trust me when my son walks into Target with his $4 a week in allowance, he isn't buying a $3.99 pack with 4 cards inside, he is buying 4 99 cent packs.  I still find myself buying older Score products because I figure if I can pick up a box at $5 I can get closer to completing sets, or maybe a random retail autograph hit.

MY SON'S REVIEW: "I love my Tebow Jets card and Stephen Jackson's!"

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