Friday, January 11, 2013

Trade with a Reader - Bradon L.

Over a month ago I got an email from a man named Brandon L. who reads my blog.  I don't think he has a blog to plug, but he does frequent forums.  I didn't hold that against him though, ha.  He emailed me during a really busy week around the house and his email got lost in my massive uncleaned email account.  He hung in and was paitent with me and we were able to complete our trade last week.  I am not a basketball fan anymore so many of my basketball cards don't hold much value to me, so I think he made a pretty good haul.  I traded a Dominique Wilkens 08-09 Upper Deck on card auto /25, a 3 jersey card, and a Tim Duncan relic for the cards below.  I was able to get another Rosario auto, a Jackson Rams rookie relic, a Brunell relic, and a very cool Helton slabbed dual relic.  I'm not a fan of slabbed cards, but this one is cool because it is untouched, like the coin sets you can buy from the U.S. Mint.  Since I don't have a way to tag or link you Brandon, I hope you read this and if anyone else in blogger land gets an email from him...I give him a 10!

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