Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Group Break Hits From December

My Three Team Pick Hits:

I wanted to wait to post what cards I got in the group break till about the time people started getting their cards from my group break last month.  I had three teams picked, Reds, Texas, and Rockies.  In addition there were still a number of teams that were not picked at the time of the break.  I ended up with three hits, all with Texas.

Chris Hanna - Texas

Ruben Mateo - Texas / Jurickson Profar - Texas

I was really excited to pull a Profar, hopefully all the hype for him is true.

Un-picked team hits:

Brian Wilson - S.F.

Ben Grieve - Oakland / A.J. Griffin - Oakland
There was one other hit, but it was a Tampa Bay auto.  My son claimed it, I didn't get a photo of it at the time and I can't find it in his mess of a room. 

Last month's break I feel was a huge success, I thank Buckstore, Mike G., All Tribe, Ptown. and Brad for getting in last month's break!  I want to remind everyone that the Years 2000-2003 Group Break is still open under the Group Break Tab on the top of the blog.

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