Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Super Big Thanks To Jeff at 2x3 Heroes

Way back last year (3 weeks ago), Jeff at 2X3 Heroes had a really fun game where he had three Allen Ginter boxes each with one Topps numbered card.  You were to pick a box and guess what you thought was the number.  The one who is close to the number wins the box.  I won the 2007 Allen and Ginter box, and I picked cards 12 and 24 for his latest game.  I had the least amount of 2007 Allen and Ginter than the other years, so I was very happy getting that year. 

14 Dick Perez Allen Ginter Cards = 1 Topps Gold
32 Allen Ginter Cards + 2 minis and 1991 UD Nolan Ryan Heroes

Thank you Jeff for being so giving during the holiday season!  I shared these cards with my son, he took any doubles for his collection!  If you don't follow 2X3 Heroes make sure you do!


  1. And I got to help out your son - BONUS! Good to know the cards made it and will help out the set building. Now in 2013, let's not do a contest but figure out a regular trade to put cards in each others hands.

    1. Trade would be great! I have been trying to get my zistle inventory done almost one player at a time. So I have been doing that more lately than really getting many trades the past few weeks.


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