Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Questions About Bad Hits?

Every collector has that face in that moment that they found a "hit" in a pack or box, we can call that the "O" face.  The reactions can vary by how much you paid for the product, the number of hits, and how good or bad the hit is.  As collectors we know there are going to many more lows than highs in the hit world.  In a product that may have 5 hits in a box, the chances of course of totally walking away from that box disappointed are a lot less than a box with one hit.  Still there is that one moment your heart stops as you flip to that card to see what it is...9 times out of 10 you will look like this below.  In many of the 2013 Topps products I have seen it promises even more autographs and relics.  So get those faces ready!

Now here are the questions I have.
  1. Have you ever abused your hit because it sucked so bad?  
  2. If you spent a lot of money on the product have you felt sick because you got the absolute worst hit in the product.  
  3. Have you ever got the same crappy hit twice in a row?
  4. What do you do with your crappy hits (sell/trade/throw at cows)?
  5. Any other cool or not so cool hit stories?
Now I'm going to give you my answers:
  1. Abused a hit?  No, but in 2008 I spent $50 on a box of Sweet Spot (1 hit), and I got just 6 base cards.  My blood was boiling that I had spent $50 and got at most a $2 card and no hit.
  2. Sick?  Of course I felt sick as in number one, but last summer I bought 12 packs of Pro Debut at a LCS, 24 packs in a box with 4 hits in the box, I got ZERO hits, not even a #ed card.  I could only think of the near $50 I spent, how many cards I could have bought I wanted online.
  3. Two Crappy Cards?  Not exactly a hit, but I got 3 blasters of 2010 Topps or  for my birthday a few years ago.  I got 3 Manufactured Patch cards of the worst player in the patch set, Josh Bell.  
  4. Crappy hits?  I keep every hit, I love all relics/autos from whoever it is from.  My doubles I trade or give to my son.  
  5. Cool Story?  I sent a letter to Upper Deck with my box pack and letter from the shop owner who seen me open the pack.  Two months later I got TEN cards from Upper Deck, all autos, relics, or both!  Made that sick feeling go away pretty darn quick!
Nice patch, crappy player x 3

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