Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Three Denver Broncos Added (1 Relic/2 AU)

I added three Denver Broncos cards for relatively cheap, to include adding my second Tim Tebow Relic.  Okay before you all say, REALLY...Tebow?  I agree with you all, he isn't a great quarterback, but for three years there was no bigger name in sports.  Will Tebow ever quarterback again in the NFL, maybe not, but there is one thing for sure.  Tebowmania was HUGE and having a few relics to show my kids when I try to explain why Tebow was so huge even though he only started a hand full of games.  On top of getting the Tebow relic, it also has a rookie relic of the Broncos star wide receiver, Demaryius Thomas.  Not too shabby!

Then I added two autos that have an unfortunate connection.  Broncos 2009 6th round draft pick, Tom Brandstater was drafted as their backup quarterback.  Broncos 2009 5th round draft pick was a wide receiver, Kenny McKinley.  If you don't remember Kenny McKinley committed suicide in 2010 after an injury threatened his NFL career.   Brandstater and McKinley were roommates and Brandstater tried to help McKinley by borrowing him thousands when he got in trouble with gambling. Not a great story, but none the less puts a dark story/shadow over a dark few years for the Broncos.


Being a Broncos fan, these three cards hold some stories during the 2009-2010 seasons where there was nothing going right for the Broncos.  This shows that to some, these cards are commons, but to collectors who like to research cards, these cards hold treasure that can't be measured with money. 

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