Saturday, January 5, 2013

Remember When Comments Used To Matter?

Back in November we were introduced to Topps new Five Star Club in which after you buy $10,000 of Topps products in a year you can then apply to be in their "exclusive" club.  Lets go back about ten years, Topps actually cared about what we as collectors thought of their products.  One of the main things being in the Five Star Club was you couldn't talk bad online about Topps, or you could get thrown out of their club.  In the card that used to come in packs or boxes was this below.  In one of the sentences it states, "Your input is valuable and we sincerely appreciate all of your comments".  In 2000 you could email Topps and let them know of issues with their products without fear of being on one of their black lists.  I just found it interesting that at one time Topps did care about what we thought about certain cards.  It would be awesome again if card companies did at least seem to care about what we as collectors think. 

I don't know if this email works or is ever read anymore.  I don't see it listed anywhere on their contacts section of their website.  I tried emailing this address but haven't got a reply, nor has it been kicked back.  I just like knowing that a card company cares, at least enough to put a leaflet inside a box.  Kind of gives you a warm and fuzzy!

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