Friday, January 11, 2013

Package From My New Friend at Old Foul Cardboard

Last month I did a little Holiday card giveaway, and Chris at Old Foul Cardboard took one of the football cards I had listed.  After a few emails back and forth, Chris wanted to put together a small package to me and then I was going to return the favor back to him.  Well it has been 3 weeks, a holiday, a new year, and I kind of forgot.  Today I got this great box of cards from Chris, it was great indeed!  I want to say 90% of the cards were football and basketball with the other 10% being Rockies cards.  Chris called those 90% of cards the cards that are protecting my "precious" Rockies cards!  Very cleaver!  My wife Tonya is actually the biggest football collector in my house so most of all the football cards she claimed as her own.  Almost every card was a great player, and I couldn't get an image of every card.  I did want to get you a quick look inside of the box to see the greatness he sent.  Now I got to get his package ready for mail!  On a quick note about the holiday card giveaway...has anyone not gotten their card yet?  Thanks again Chris, and my wife thanks you too!

The coolest style of card made, the early day sparkle cards!

2 Isaac Bruce Rams Rookies!

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  1. Great Burks sparkles! Even the flow of his swing fits in with the wild background.

    Loving the Bruce UD, going up after it.

    Great lot of cards!


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