Saturday, January 12, 2013

2 Wal-Greens 100 Card Repacks

While visiting a local Wal-Greens I was passing through the toy isle when stuck behind a few Pokemon Packs was something that looked interesting, and familiar.  It was a 2011 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor Carlos Gonzalez.  It was the last card I would think I would find in Wal-Greens.  So I looked around for any more repacks and all I found was two.  They were #3.99 each so it wasn't too big of a gamble.  I find it interesting that the package states memorabilia cards can be included.  I got to thinking, these repacks are the easiest things to pack search because you can see all the card sides since the package is clear. 

Here is the two loose card repacks and the cards I liked out of them.  There were many other good cards, but those were mostly from the junk wax era where I have too many.  So those will go in my donate boxes.

 I love the Ultra Vlad Guerrero and Vazuez Leaf Rookie Expos cards.  I have fallen in love with those cards from the team north of the boarder!

 I think I know a card trader from Portland who may like that Beaver's card.

 A good mix of oddball, minor league, and Flair cards.

 I will be talking about that Ramsey card soon!  I love the Vlad Guerrero and love the Cardinals Gant Insert.

 Love the Hoffman and Delgado.  Then adding another vintage Cardinals oddball Moore from 1983 TCMA.

 Added another Yankee Legacy card, I am near 500 of those.  Plus a cool Lee Smith 1987 Sportflics.

 Then two 2011 Topps Chorme Cards I needed, and a Johnson Smoke N Heat insert.

Of course I don't expect much out of these loose card repacks.  But almost in every one I open I get a good group of cards I don't have, and the the best part of these repacks are the amount of oddballs in these. 

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  1. I can't lie. I enjoy repacks. Team collectors can always use the oddballs


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