Monday, January 21, 2013

Stan "The Man" and A Small Health Break

During this in between baseball lull right now, I'm going to take some time and work on working harder on my health/diet/weight loss.  I am still here reading others blogs, I am still here for trades, I am still going to do monthly breaks, but just wanted to let you all know.  Recently I had to make several choices after my doctor told me my health/kidney issues were getting worse. For every one, I am still updating my Zistle profile, and ALL cards I have 2 or more of are up for trade!  Just look for the Zistle link on the top of my blog.  It is updated almost daily so check back often!   I am still doing the Feb. break, look for a post next week about that!  Last month's break members should get their cards in the next day or two.  Feel free to email me any time for trades jasonjasonp12@gmail (dot) com

Before I go for tonight, being a born and raised in St. Louis I want to share a few items I have that I display proudly.  Even though I am a bigger Rockies fan, I was a Cardinals fan first and still hold them dear to me.  I am glad that the Cardianls had such a wonderful man as Stan "The Man" Musial in their organization.  Stan, you lived a long great life, you will always be remembered, and always missed!

My mid 1950s framed Sporting News Newspaper about Stans 3,000 Hit!

An in person Autograph from Stan

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