Sunday, January 13, 2013

Great Names In Baseball: Win

Back in the early days of baseball, players had some really cool nick names, such as "Little Looie" Apparicio, and "Rapid Robert" Feller.  Sometimes there are players who pop up who just have EPIC baseball names, and one player who has the best pitching name is: WIN REMMERSWAAL.  Okay, I understand his real name is actually Wilhelmus (he is from the Netherlands), but really, how much better would the PA announcement be to hear: "Now pitching for the Red Sox, Win Remmerswaal" verses "Now pitching for the Red Sox, Wilhelmus Abraham Remmerswaal

1981 Donruss #98
1981 Topps
Although Win Remmerswaal had the great pitching name, he only had 3 career major league victories.  Today we have a pitcher with a not so great pitching name, Homer Bailey.  In the 80s we had Bob Walk.  If I was a pitcher and had a choice of names I could have, either Homer or Win, I'm all in with the name Win!

 I am going to "make up" some cool pitching names:

Balk McGee
Strike Wallace
Perfect Game
Ball Inside
Canon Hunter
Fire Anderson
Wild Thing Vaughn...hum, actually I think this name was used in a movie!

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