Sunday, January 13, 2013

Joe Avg Collector - February Group Break Preview

February Group Break Theme: 1979-1989

As most of you know I like to have fun with my breaks, I like to really have fun and try to get a lot of cards to everyone.  This month I am going to break cards from the years 1979-1987.  Of course there will be no hits like autos or relics, but between 1979-1989 there are a TON or key rookies and stars!  Here is a breakdown of cards that are going to be broke.  There will be two wax boxes and the rest will be loose packs.  I tried to pick packs with a chance to get a key rookie, for example we will have one 1979 Topps pack and will chance getting an Ozzie Smith RC and a pack of 89 Upper Deck and maybe scoring a Griffey RC.

1987 Donruss Wax Box
1986 Donruss Wax Box
1985 Donruss Pack
2 - 1987 Fleer Packs
1979 Topps Pack
1981 Topps Pack
1984 Fleer Pack
1982 Donruss Pack
1983 Donruss Pack
1983 Fleer Pack
1982 Topps Pack
1983 Topps Pack
1981 Fleer Pack
1984 Topps Pack
1981 Donruss Pack
2-1989 Upper Deck Lo Pack

This break since there are NO recent expansion teams listed, we are going to be looking at having 14 openings, and there will be two tiers.  You will pick one team in each tier.  I am looking at around (est) $13 for two teams.  I am going to start taking team picks on Feb 1.  For about $13 you can get a chance of a lot of stars and HOF rookies!  It is a big change of pace, this is a perfect break for team collectors who want or need cards from 79-89!

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  1. Sounds fun. How can I get in, wait until February, or...?


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