Saturday, January 12, 2013

Terrible Hat Cards of the 80s

One of the things I noticed about early 1980s players were, they loved to wear their hats under their batting helmets.  I don't know why all of a sudden players thought that this look was cool.  The first player that always come to mind was the Detroit Tigers 2B, Lou Whitaker.  In almost every photo I see of Whitaker in a batting helmet he has his hat on under.  I thought he was the poster boy for wearing hats under batting helmets...until I pulled this 1981 Topps #361 Mike Ramsey from a repack. 

At first I thought, maybe he is a catcher, but NOPE he is 2b-ss.  Think back to all the old Topps airbrush cards out there, surprised they didn't airbrush that #4 with a bad Cardinals logo.  Just look at how GREAT that look is!  This was the same years that the Cardinals came out with the Brockabrella, an invention from the Cardinals great Lou Brock.  It was finally sported on a baseball card in 1984 by Fleer.  The one thing I love about the early 80s baseball cards is, the fashion these players had! 

Here is what it would look like if Topps airbrushed away his #4...notice how bad it looks!  This is about how their old airbrushed logos looked!

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