Monday, January 14, 2013

Pete Rose Series: Hits And Mrs.

TLC's newest hit reality family is someone who has a lot of controversy in the sports world, Pete Rose.  Pete Rose of course holds the MLB hits record, but is snubbed from the Hall of Fame for something that happened after his playing days.  There are several differences that we can draw a line on between steroid players verses Pete Rose.  Rose at least we assume he played clean and he only gambled during his years as a manager.  Now we have players who have been linked or accused of using steroids who have an impact on records and they are allowed to be on the Hall of Fame ballot.  Will any of these steroid linked players make the hall?  Who knows.  I think the MLB should consider the career from 1961-1986 of Rose on the ballot, and throw out his years as manger.  Just like Bonds, if Rose was put on the ballot today, he still may not make it in the Hall because of notion of gambling in his baseball career.

The TLC reality show "Hits And Mrs.", which premiered last night, I feel is nothing more than a way for Rose to reach out to a broader audience to try to get into the hall.  After watching both new episodes, totaling near 43 minutes after taking out commercials, Rose talks about wanting to go into the Hall eight times.  It wasn't much of a reality show as it was more of him trying to show his hurt from being thrown out of baseball and his love of the game.  Then half the second episode is Pete talking to 8 year olds like they are salty veteran ballplayers.  Finally, throw in the extreme, he is engaged to a woman model over half his age.

In the past two years we have seen a huge boom in Pete Rose Leaf products popping up everywhere, to even include almost all retail stores.  Rose who is 71 may be trying to show his soft side around the same time many of the steroid era players hit the ballots.  Rose cleverly states in his show that he earned all of his hits and didn't bet till after he was a player.  He also points out he lives in Las Vegas, but don't worry America, he no longer gambles.

Who knows right now if or when Pete will ever make the Hall, one thing is for sure, he is going to do whatever it takes for the MLB to respond to his pleas.  If I had a vote, I would strongly consider a vote for Rose, and I think someday he will make it in.  Major League baseball has to address the many issues with the past two decades and steroids.  This may soften the league's stance on his lifetime ban.

Will I watch the last four shows, sure I will.  I will just mute my TV and watch because of his model finance. 


  1. i watched it too...and yup...his fiance rocks.

  2. If Rose gets in, so does Shoeless Joe. Rose admitted, and the evidence proves, he bet on the game while still in the game. None of the evidence proved that Jackson did anything dishonorable in the 1919 series.


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