Sunday, January 13, 2013

Terrible Hats Of The 2K

Yesterday I did a post about a few terrible hats of the 80s and how could I forget to add this recent bad hat from 2002.  This card is of the starting pitcher that year of the Colorado Rockies, Denny Neagle.  It looks like he is doing bunting drills at spring training.  As what I am told and read about pitchers at spring training is that they take their batting practice after the regulars leave the area.  Not really sure if Denny intended this to be used as his baseball card, but it is history now...he is in my MLB terrible hats hall of fame!  Though Neagle had a bad look, it still not as bad as Ramsey.  Neagle forgot to keep his hat on under his helmet.



  1. Mike Ramsey gets first place, all the way!

    On a post I recently did, I think I may actually have a strong candidate for second place. What do you think:


  2. the way, that's the third player down who stands as a candidate. My man, Tito!


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