Friday, September 6, 2013

US Postal Service Goes All Baseball Hall of Fame!

I wasn't planning on any baseball card purchases today, just intended to go down to the Post Office to get some stamps to send out some PWE in the coming weeks. When I got there I seen a familiar sight, baseball players!  4 awesome Hall of Fame players on a 20 count sheet.  Now the issue is to use or not to use?  Do I just keep 4 unused or do I keep the whole sheet and frame it?  This is the issue when the Post Office uses items that are highly collectible on stamps, like baseball players.  Maybe they know that thousands of collectors will buy them up and never actually use them, so it is an added bonus for the Post Office since those stamps will never make the front of an envelope.  If you haven't seen them yet, here they are.  

Ted Williams, Willie Stargell, Joe DiMaggio, and Larry Doby
The back is not blank, which I think makes it that much more collectible!
I did some research to find out that this set was released July 2012.  As for what I read that the stamps were released in the four cities of the players pictured, Pittsburgh, Boston, New York, and Cleveland.  Nearly two million of these sheets were produced and over the past year a few sheets have migrated to Post Offices across the country.  If you can't find these at any of your Post Offices and instead of buying on Ebay you can still buy them here: .

Now I think I'm going to start looking for a new frame for these beauties!  

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