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GIVING AWAY SPORTS CARDS But Asking for a Donation to Willowhope!


There is a cause that hits home with me and to our family, and this same cause may actually impact some of you in your own life.  In the United States there is a growing population of children, teens, and even adults who get diagnosed with Asperger's Autism.  My son Joshua who is now 11 was diagnosed at 4 years old.  He has been tested several times, and consistently scores 141 on his IQ tests.  He is so smart, yet he can't comprehend doing what we all do on a day to day without even batting an eye.  He can do long division at age 7 yet at 11 he can't tie his shoes, ride a bike, or even get dressed properly.  As kids with Asperger's grow older, these issues just don't go away, they can get worse.  There is a young woman in the UK who suffers from Asperger's Autism and she is writing several books, from poems she wrote during her dark times as a teen, points of view to help parents of Asberger children, and even children's books to help newly diagnosed children.

My son Joshua and I at Boy Scout Camp
Chances are that each one of you reading this may know someone with Asberger's and know how hard life can be on them.  These books are being written by an actual woman who has suffered from Asperger's and not a doctor like many books out there.  The girl with this dreams name is Willow, and she has started several adventures, like forums, vlogs, and of course books.  Willow has opened her heart and soul to all the world to see, which is very brave!

Here is all her information to review, and PLEASE share this information to anyone who is affected by Asperger's!


Even if you don't donate, if you know someone with Aspergers please share her page with them.

Okay, now you maybe asking yourself how does this fit in with cards?  I have decided to donate some of my cards to help her cause to get her books published.  


Usually when you donate to help someone you may not get anything in return.  If you help her in any way you will be rewarded by me in several different ways.

ALL MONEY HAS TO GO TO you will have to sign up and search Willowhope or go through her links on her page

* This card give away is not ran by Willowhope and any issues with cards should be brought up with  Issues with should be brought up to customer service.

DONATION TIERS (note she is in the UK so it is in pounds not $)!  

Minimum Donation to Willowhope is $1.56 (1 pound UK)

- I will send a PWE with 3 star cards (no junk), if you have a preference for a certain sport, team or player I will try to accommodate

Tier 1 Donation to Willowhope $5 (3.2 pounds UK)
- You will get 10 star card + one 2013 Topps Chipz piece (no junk cards), if you have a preference for certain sport, team, or player I will try to accommodate! 

WILLOWHOPE! Tier 2 Donation to Willowhope $10 (6.4 pounds UK) 
- Will recieve ONE game used sports card and you will get 5 star cards! (no junk cards) if you have a preference for certain sport, team, or player I will try to accommodate!

Tier 3 Donation to Willowhope $25 (16.1 pounds UK)
- 1983 Topps Wade Boggs Rookie Card with 4 star cards (no junk cards)
- 3 Game Used Sports Cards (one dual player) with 4 star cards (no junk cards)
* will cross out once a choice has been picked and paid for!

You have now viewed the information about Willowhope and looked at the Tier structure, now what?

Yes it is a bit confusing with the conversions to pounds, but I have converted it above, and once you complete the donation to Willowhope using please send me the information proving payment and send your address to and I will get the cards out right away!  Any questions please feel free, and please share to any friends, card collectors, or people you know with Aspergers!  Wilowhope goal is to raise $588 to get her books published.  

Any questions, please feel free to ask!  Below are just some of the cards I have set aside to send out!  Where else can you get sports cards for donating a few dollars to help out her dream. 

*this is open to just US right now, (mostly because the US Postal Service has made it very expensive to ship out of country) if you are from another country ask me first about what I can do for you.  But if you are outside the country and do have a large donation, I should still be able to accommodate! I will try to keep this open till Willowhope makes her goal.  You can track her goals at her website ZERO money goes to me, all goes to the upcoming author and soon to be famous Willow!

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