Sunday, September 15, 2013

Undervalued Player - Ian Desmond

As many already may know, my favorite shortstop is Troy Tulowitzki, but in a near second is another star player, Ian Desmond.  Desmond has been the starting shortstop for four years and he hasn't held a super star status, but he has been a consistent player for the Nationals.  One card I have had under my radar was Ian Desmond's 2010 Topps National Chicle.  Last month I did some price shopping and was able to pick this up for just $3.25 online.  In his first five years, four years as a starter, he has had some very good stats.

Career Stats:

Avg.    Hits    HR    RBI   2B   3B
.274     619     67      274   129  16

Desmond has a career fielding percentage .972, and to put this in perspective on how good he is, Troy Tulowitzki has a career fielding percentage of .973 and the great Ozzie Smith's career fielding percentage is .966.  Tulowitzki may have a little more power and hit for better average, but Desmond has been largely able to keep from being injured for long periods of time.  Desmond alongside veteran third basemen Ryan Zimmerman then sprinkling in many new upcoming stars, such as Strasburg, Harper, and Rendon, there is a very bright future for the Washington Nationals.  

2010 Topps National Chicle Ian Desmond AU bought for $3.25 at
If you are a collector looking for a solid player to get an autograph of for around $5-15 with a little shopping around, Ian Desmond could be a key addition to any collectors collection!  


  1. hey Jason!

    I will hold the Tulo for you, Got any cool Phillies laying around? I did spot a Steve Carlton/Tom Glavine relic in your hits page

    1. That card is in my PC collection but will consider...I am a Carlton fan, and my wife is a Glavine fan, so I would have to okay it through the wife.


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