Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Largest COMC Haul So Far...

I went several months without buying any cards, so I was able to pull some strings with the wife to purchase just a few cards...she didn't know I was going to get something like 50!

Here is my haul I just got in the mail today!

Sam Bradford
Franciso Lirano RC AU - Have a huge comeback year for PIT 

Doc Gooden Relic
Marlon Byrd AU - Having a Career Year
Bill Madlock AU - 70s and 80s great player
Dexter Fowler AU
Jeff Bagwell Relic
CARGO Five Star Jumbo Relic
NY Yankees Catcher Chris Stewart AU RC
Yankees Prospect Peter O'Brien AU
Delgado Relic
C.C. Sabatha Rookie Yr Relic
a cheap AU
Cardinals Prospect Steve Bean AU 
Dual Relic
Former Top Rockie Top Rookie Ian Stewart JSY AU RC
Cards Prospect Patrick Wisdom AU
Jon Niese AU
Had to get a Matt Holiday AU as a Rockie!

Love this Maury Wills AU
I LOVE the vintage Astro Orange in this Relic 
My FIRST Helton AU on a card! (I have one on a ball, and a helmet)

Wilin Rosario Red AU (He is on FIRE!)
First Hanley Ramirez AU
Roberto Alomar HOF Jumbo Relic
70s vintage look in this Winfield Relic
Lenny Dykstra AU
Another Great Winfield Relic!
Kurt Warner 2001 Relic
One of the few Cardinals Larry Walker Relics

Jordan Zimmerman first pro AU

Rockies Outfielder Charlie Culberson 

Awesome Video Blue Relic

Russell Martin AU

Brandon Webb AU RC 
Carlos Delgado Relic
Joe Mauer 2004 USA Relic

Vida Blue AU
Wade Miley 08 AU

Another awesome Rosario Relic AU
08 Wade Miley Letterman AU

Rockies Great Ellis Burks Relic 

Tommy Hanson RC AU

Micheal Young early AU!
A great hitting SS Ian Desmond RC AU

Great hitting Aramis Ramirez


  1. That is a crazy lot of cardboard. Some nice Vida Blue cards in there. Your wife should talk to my wife....

  2. Usually i have a small limit, but since I had to put collecting off for awhile I think she felt bad LOL

  3. Nice stuff! Long live collecting!

  4. Spent about $175... Or could get a few hobby boxes with a few hits.


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