Saturday, February 16, 2013

Topps "Finally" Has A Good Site!

A few weeks ago Topps opened their new look website, and I think it was a long time coming.  Their old site reminded me of a site that my 4 year old would play a Dora The Explorer game on, and not one of a major sports card maker.  I love the addition where you can now buy images that were and were not used on past Topps cards, in addition you can now buy signed contracts.

If you haven't been on recently, take a moment to look at their new look!

One thing I found on their site was a cera 1970 photo of the Topps manufacturing plant.

I never knew that Laverne and Shirley also worked at the Topps Duryea, PA plant!

For all you young pups who don't know who Laverne and Shirley are, Google them!

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