Friday, September 7, 2012

Trade #1 Under my Belt! Thanks Dustin from Cool Veal & the Vealtones!

After my first week on the blog circuit, I began to branch out to the other bloggers to see first, who likes what, who trades what, who has what to trade, and most importantly, what do I have to offer for trade?  I have contacted a few out there more recently about trades and what I have to offer and I will get things together in the next week or two.  Since I do have four kids under 9 and my wifes recent accident, it has been very hectic around my house so trades are slow right now.  But Dustin at Cool Veal and the Vealtones helped me get through my first trade and helped me get over my fears of trading over the internet.  After looking at his blog and finding who are his favorites and so on, I offered a 2008 Upper Deck Dual Patch /50, Alex Avlia All Star Jersey, and a mix of Verlander's and Tigers.



 Dustin was even kind enough to match my extras with some common autos for my son!  Thanks a ton!

I had the Verlander patch card since 2009, and I really wanted to get that card into the hands of a Tigers/Verlander collector who would really enjoy it.  Normally I don't trade cards because my cards are typically not just my collection, but my families.  I was able to get my wife and son to agree on the trade, and the rest is history!

Thanks Dustin! If you don't follow him yet, check out his page! Cool Veal and the Vealtones

(I am working on getting a better Trade Bait page and selection, but if you see something, let me know and I'm sure we can get more cards worked into a trade!)

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  1. Hey Joe, how about a trade with another StL blogger? Got any Twins cards? Plenty of Helton and others here:


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